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Well it had to happen AGAIN! I'm sure if there was a World record for airlines losing bags I would be in the lead. Would you believe that this is the NINTH time this year my show has been LOST by the airlines. My entire show is gone and I'm having to rebuild it. No matter how well I put tags and my name on the bag it seems to vanish somehow.

This time it got lost on the way back to Canada so at least I had it for my ship work, however I fly out again end of the week and still no sign of the show. I will have to do my back up show however it won't be my Chaplin Act. It will take me a few months to rebuild the entire show from scratch.

There really isn't much you can do once you get on that plane, just be prepared for you luggage NOT to arrive on the ship and be prepared to do a show with NO props. I wish I could just do my backup LOST show however that's not what they pay me for. As my agent said, if I did that then I'd just be 'another' magic comedy act. The fact that I do Chaplin is unique and that's why they keep booking me.

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