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VISA issues

I write this from home, when I should still be on a ship. But here's a lesson to learn if you want to work on ships. Make sure you have the correct working VISA when you go in to a country where you need one. Because all of my work is out of Europe on cruise ships I never had to worry about a working visa. The only place I need one is if I work out of the USA. Because I don't work on ships in the USA I have never needed one. Up until NOW!

A few days ago I joined a ship in Vancouver Canada, on a run up to Alaska. I got to US immigration at the port in Vancouver and was not allowed on the ship because I didn't have a C1D1 visa which enables me to work in US waters. After 2 hours of sitting and waiting we had the cruise director and others get involve, I was finally allowed on the ship BUT only if I did my show out of the 12 mile zone. So I worked the 2 nd night of the cruise and then flew home, cancelling my 2 week contract.

Lesson here is for ANY non-US residents to make sure you have a C1D1 Visa or as I have opted to do, NOT take any cruises out of US waters.

I'm glad to be home to be honest because I just flew in from Rome and this job came in while I was 'in transit' at the last minute. I decided to take it, however we are in the middle of moving house so the extra 2 weeks comes in handy. I also get paid out on my contract because it was not my fault so this particular mis-hap worked out in my favour.

Still a lesson to be learnt. Keep in mind that it's up to the performer to make sure they have the right VISA's when travelling overseas. Always check on the internet to see if you need a VISA to get in to a country. I know US citizens need one for Brazil, as a NZ Citizen I don't need one. You need one for China but not Hong Kong if you are there only a day. Some VISAS you can get at the airports upon arrival such as Egypt.
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