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How To Get Work on A Cruise Ship

This has to be the most asked question I get via personal emails. I've said this in my book and tell everybody this ... the first thing is to make sure you are ready.
You only get ONE shot at working on a ship so you have to make sure you have an act that is different and has been audience tested.
Confidence plays an important part in your show as does 'entertainment' value. It's no good owning a stock load of props and just doing one after the other. You need to look at your show and structure it. It's like a good story, have a beginning, a middle and an end.

There are so many magicians out there trying to get work on cruise ships that you want the agent or booker to look at your DVD and say, wow, this person is different! Also, know your market. Is your show aimed for older audiences (as mine is) or younger people. If it's younger then do some research in to the cruise line that will suit you better.
Can your act play in a theatre that holds 1500 people, can it be seen at the back of a large theatre? Are you more comfortable in a smaller setting, if so look at cruise lines with smaller stages and rooms.

The first thing you will need to do is 'do your homework'. Before you start spending money on a promotional DVD know your market. Is your act suitable for ships? Who are you going to market it to? A cruise line or an agent, which one is better for you? Can you spend 6-9 months a year on a ship, do you have family commitments. Are you in good health, can you fly over 40 hours a week from ship to ship?

Does your act fit in one suitcase? Can it pack flat and play big. You'll notice with a lot of the magic I sell on hocus-pocus, all of it I perform on ships and I always advertise, packs small and plays big. If it doesn't fit in my bag then it isn't in the act! This is the real secret to working on ships. Can you make your routine 'bigger'.

Unless you are an illusionist and are happy to stay on a ship for a season (could be 3-9 months) then make sure you can travel light. You will also need 2 solid 45 minute shows. Both have to be strong, you can't rely on having one strong and one just 'okay'. You need two A grade shows. Many magicians fall short of this which is why they get a 'do not return'.

I cover everything in my book on Cruise Ship Entertaining which also comes with a DVD of ship life. If you are serious about this type of work then ask Hocus-Pocus about getting the book in for you. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. I give away all the agents and contact details for getting this type of work and how to go about getting the gig.

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