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Travel and Cruising ... what a story!

Hi all
I am writing this from a hotel in Japan having just left Lisbon where I stayed overnight then on to Paris and now Japan. Will be heading up to Russia this week then i hope to be home for 2 weeks to work on some of the products.

Funny story, I got on a ship (a fairly new company for me) and they had TWO other magicians on the cruise also booked!! Talk about a screw up in booking. One of the magicians did a lot of juggling and comedy and a little magic. Both were fantastic guys and we had a great trip talking but it just goes to show that these things can and do happen.
lesson is that you have to be flexible with your act. We were able to sit down and go over each others effects and make changes. Because I was the last act on I had to cut out more but it didn't matter because most of my act is performed as Charlie Chaplin and it's all pretty much original material so no conflict.

If you are cruising you want to try and make sure you are a little different and offer something a little unique, it might just be your style or character. Both of these guys were real professionals and had their own unique style so the audience didn't mind, but still I can imagine if people were trying to copy others they wouldn't have gone down well. If you want to work ships you have to be YOU to succeed. I hear it all the time that magicians try and immitate somebody else, they usually don't last long.

Another lesson that I keep telling people who email is to make sure you are ready. And by being ready this weeks story highlights this. You have to have enough A list material so that you can take something out and replace it if need be.

Happy Cruising
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