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Hi everybody

it's been a very hectic year so far with cruising. It seems almost every week I'm out there on a ship which has meant flying over 40 hours a time! Just flew back two days ago from Greece via Amsterdam then New York then Vancouver. You must remember when cruising that the cruise lines are able to get bulk seats on airlines so you won't fly a direct route, usually the longest and cheapest route!

I fly out again in two days this time to Tokyo via countries I've never heard of! Such is the life of a 'walk' on act.

When booking flights you must make sure you have several hours between changing planes. With security the way it is it can take quite a while to get from one plane to another.

Here's an interesting tale. In the past 3 months my luggage has been lost FIVE TIMES! That's right ... I've had to perform now with NO SHOW and NO LUGGAGE. The worst was on a ship for 16 days without any clothes and 14 out of the 16 were sea days.

I always carry something in my carry on bag now that I can at least do some type of show.
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