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It ain't all glamour

As a young boy growing up in New Zealand I would dream of travelling with my magic act. My main contact with the rest of the 'magic' world in those days was reading Genii magazine and in particular I used to read Carol Roys (Mrs Electric) articles on their travels around the world. I couldn't understand (then) how it 'could't be glamorous'. I mean ... getting on a plane to fly to a country to do a show! How could that NOT be glamorous?

Now after working for so many years on cruise ships and travelling to far off places to do my own show, I finally understand (it actually happens quite early on when you are a 'fly on' act on ships) why it isn't at all glamour

Here is a current story about 'traveling as a cruise ship magician.'

Two days ago I had to fly to Punta Arenas in South America, where I'm typing this. I have designed my 'Chaplin' Act to pack small and play big, so only have one main bag plus my snow storm box ... so in the world of cruising I travel light. I have a pretty tight schedule so must make all my connections otherwise chances are I'll miss the ship. I leave Vancouver during one of the worst snow blizzards in years, of course the plane is delayed. We finally take off and are told we will only be 15 minutes late as they can make up the time in the air.

I'm thinking to myself that is great, I'll make my connections. I fly for five hours to Dallas only to get in to a terrible thunder storm and we can't land, actually we sit in a holding pattern above the storm for over an hour ... then we land. I have to run as fast as I can to catch my conneciton to fly to Santiago, they were actually closing the doors when I arrived so I made it with a minute to spare. After a 9.5 hour flight I get to Chile to collect my bags before getting to another flight ... however after waiting over an hour to get my bags which never showed up, then waiting an hour to go through immigration I miss the connection, getting the next flight out. Another five hour flight and finally making it to Punta Arenas where I was able to phone the 'port agent' and get a hotel room. After 20 hours of flying and travel all I wanted to do was sleep!

I now find myself on a 12 day cruise which is a 'back to back' cruise, in other words I'm to work the end of one cruise which has 4 days left on it, then again on the beginning of another cruise. Without my bags I am unable to do my show because it is such a 'specialised' act with mostly original props. I can do a 25 minute comedy act with no props so that is what I'll offer.

This is the second time in a matter of 2 months that my show has been lost and it's very frustrating. I now know what Carol Roy meant when she would say, "it ain't all glamour'. Trust me folks, 'it ain't all glamour'

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