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Cruise Article II

Hi all
Here is this weeks article on cruising

If I was to give one bit of advice it would this: make sure you are ready! You will only get once chance at working on a ship so don’t rush in to it before you feel you are ready. Make sure you do your research to what life is like on a ship and what is expected from you. Talk to people who are in the industry and ask for their honest opinions. Cruise ship work didn’t happen for me overnight, I wanted to do it for many years but was glad I took my time and developed an original act that has lasted me well and kept me employed for many years. Ask yourself, are you in a position to be away from home, away from your family for long periods. Are you healthy enough to withstand the travel and lifestyle that comes with working on a ship? Of course, do you have the right type of act to work on a ship? As with any type of performance, know your limits and be prepared.

Finally, you have one of the best jobs in the world, certainly one of the best and highest paid on a ship. I never take what I do for granted and everyday am thankful for what I have. Cruise ships have been great to me and helped me financially and also the place where I met my wife Natalie. You are a Guest Entertainer, this means you don’t have any extra jobs, you are simply there to perform your act once a week and entertain the passengers. In the past several years that I have been working on cruise ships, I have had the privelage to travel around the world at least a dozen times visiting almost every country or port in the world. As I write this I have just left South America in the Amazon Jungle four days ago, and today am in Dakar in Africa. Next week I will be in St. Petersburg Russia, how many jobs are there where we can see so much of the world.
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