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Cruise Article I

I am writing a series of articles for magicians who wish to work on cruise ships. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

When I first started working on cruise ships with my act it was a very daunting task. For many years, after watching ‘The Love Boat’ on television, I would dream of one day becoming a headline act on cruise ships, and finally when it became a reality I was very nervous and didn’t know anything about what to expect. I wish there had been a book that could answer all the questions that were lingering in my mind. For me it all happened rather quickly so before I knew it, I was on a ship and thrown in the ‘deep end’, so to speak.
Fortunately in my case, on that first contract there were other guest entertainers on the ship who took me under their wings and showed me the ropes and helped me get my head around the world of cruising. To this day I still work on ships with these wonderful people and I have developed some good solid friendships.
Most of the work for variety acts has moved out to sea, with their fully equipped theatres and the ever growing need for good entertainment. Most ships have production shows plus guest entertainers, which usually consist of a magician, a comedian, an instrumentalist (banjo, harmonica, guitar etc.) and a ventriloquist. The production shows on ships today are lavish, Las Vegas style shows with ten to sixteen dancers and singers. You will become part of one of the last bastions of entertainment for Variety Artists, a place where we get a chance to have an audience and perform our full evening shows.
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Re: Cruise Article I

I couldn't agree more, Paul. I sometimes will go see the Variety Show put on by the ship's crew and more often than not, I am blown away by the production value and quality of entertainment. It is just sad to see that the only place for these shows, more or less, seems to be out at sea...

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