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Dancing Doll....Unbelievable!

Okay, if you know me, you realize I am NOT posting this because Paul sells them. I was just so overwhelmed and impressed by this item that I thought I should share it with readers. If you can afford it, it is one you don't want to miss. It takes so long to get one that I suspect they may not be around long and you'll be sorry you missed it. I'm talking about the Dancing Doll. What a great prop. Here's some details.

I think the first thing anyone would notice on opening this is that the builder definitely cut no corners to make this. And, he spared no expense to make it a thing of beauty. The little stage and roof are natural finished wood, the entire back of the unit is covered with with what appears to be maroon crushed velvet, not only glued perfectly in place, but bolted also, the curtain is a beautiful, flexible cloth with silver sequins and all the mechanics and hardware are manufactured of the highest quality and installed perfectly. It is a gorgeous prop. Even if you never did the trick, it's a showpiece for your magic collection. But, by all means, do the thing.

He brilliantly engineered footlights which illuminate the dancing doll and make it look more realistically stage-like, but it also aids the black art immensely by closing down our irises a bit as we watch.

There are many principles involved here. The doll is controllable manually, which is the biggest part of the routine. It is also controlled automatically without the aid of the performer. This part is intelligently used very sparingly in the routine, a clear indication of seriously good thinking in development.

The "flying" scissors are manually operated and not only fly, but open and close to "cut" the little sheet of paper. This control is easy to operate and placed right where it should be.

The spray of cuttings is also intelligently placed so just a touch of your little finger sends a "snowstorm" of clippings out into the air. The effect is a little detail that really adds to the overall effect.

Finally, the notebook is also a pleasant surprise as the little doll continues to dance off the stage and in the hands. When I watched the demo video, I was certain there was something attached to the body to create this part, but not true. The notebook is entirely self-contained, easy to operate and incredibly well thought out and deceptive.

As I look at three things, the appearance and workmanship of the prop, the effect it creates and the practicality of the method used to create that effect I can honestly find no downside to this wonderful item.

I guess some might say the price is a downside, being $1500.00, but I assure you this is one of the rare times when you will buy a prop this expensive and honestly feel that it was sold too cheaply! You will not be disappointed.

The video instructions teach you almost all you need to know and could be a little more detailed, but they are adequate. For example, the footlights and motor for the automatic dancing are battery operated, but he never shows how or where to install the batteries once they've expired. But, it did not take long to find them, so all is well.

This is really a gem and, if you can afford it, you might want to get one while you can.

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