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New Routine for Al Stanger's Poker Machine from Gaetan Bloom

I am happy to announce that none other than Gaetan Bloom was kind enough to generously submit his routine for the Al Stanger Impossible Poker Machine and graciously permitted it to be included in the instructions.

The fact that Gaetan uses the machine himself, should be motivation enough for anyone to consider one, but I would like to add that Gaetan's routine has simplified the routine to the degree that even a child could master it in very short time. For those familiar with the machine, he has completely eliminated the two contingencies that intimidate everyone: any card value greater than Six and, of course, those dreaded Kings. With his work, there is absolutely no chance of either situation occurring. And, his work neither detracts from the mystery of the trick nor the entertainment value. In fact, if you have a Gaetan Bloom performing personality (unfortunately, few of us do,) it actually adds to the entertainment value.

It's a brilliant routine, and I'm happy to announce that it will be included with all instructions for all units shipped from today, Wednesday October 11, on. Machines are being prepared as I write this to be shipped to Paul, so watch his site.

If you have previously purchased a machine, I'm happy to send you Gaetan's routine ONLY. It does not tip the work of the machine, so you must have the orignal instructions to understand it. If you own a machine and would like a set, just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with proof that you own a machine and I'll send it to you.

For those who recently purchased one, that proof should be the signed sheet with your instructions. For those who bought them some time ago, send a page from the instructions. Please note, if you fail to send either of those proofs of purchase, the routine will not be returned to you, so please comply.

Thanks to all who have bought one from Paul or myself and if you've had any reservations about getting one, you might want to reconsider as Gaetan Bloom's routine makes it easy and fun to do.
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